Monday, September 14, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Auxilia Malcador Infernus Special Weapons Tank

The Infernus Malcador is little more than a humongous flamer on treads, with heaps of fuel on board to do some righteous burning with. Accordingly, there is a +1 roll made on any catastrophic damage.

As with the Auxilia Malcador, this super heavy appears naturally in the Heavy Support slot rather than the Lords of War. With 6HP and front armour of 13, this is awesome, although the price tag shows this too.

The main aim of this tank seems to be flaming enemy units (particularly armour save 3+ enemy units) in to nothingness. Therefore, when building this tank, its important to think about how best to complement it. Arguably more heavy flamers would be good as then there's no reason to worry about the BS=3 issue here. That said, some lascannon sponsons are good too.

Not to many to be fair. Its a big, flaming, tormenting tank. No more. Therefore, so long as its not treated as if its something else, it is fine. Use the torrent 18" and go forth and singe things. No more, no less!

Malcador Infernus, Heavy Flamer Sponsons, Armoured Ceramite (285 points)
This is probably the baseline entry, providing the 18" torrent with some additional flamers to back it up.

Malcador Infernus, Heavy Flamer Sponsons, Armoured Ceramite, Pintle-Mounted Heavy Flamer, Auxilary Drive (305 points)
The fully upgraded version of the above. Purchase the chem-munitions to taste.

Malcador Infernus, Lascannon Sponsons, Armoured Ceramite, Pintle-Mounted Multi-Laser, Chemical Munitions (340 points)
This is more of a multi-purpose tank with the ability to take out enemy tanks, as well as frighten infantry with the chemical munitions and inflict armour bane hits through the same munitions. The ranges between the flaming torrent and the lascannons are a slight issue here, but nothing that a bit of driving around won't fix. Take an auxiliary drive to taste.

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