Sunday, September 20, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Auxilia Valdor Tank Hunter

The Valdor is a tank hunter, just as its name suggests! But the nominative determinism may not quite place it in the same league as the shadowsword perhaps, but the neutron destroyer is still going to do significant damage.

As with the other super heavies from the Auxilia, this one is still in the now very over-burdened heavy support category and hence is a real strength and asset to the Auxilia.

The primary weapon is the neutron destroyer. But it is not a destroyer class weapon -- it falls short by being a S=10 weapon. That said, the shock pulse special rule from the neutron destroyer means that this tank can very effectively "lock down" other very heavy tanks on the next turn. This is absolutely invaluable and should be exploited readily.

Not too many weaknesses here other than chewing up the points available. In exchange we get a true superheavy with a significant primary weapon that can hurt and lock down enemy firepower like no other tank.

Auxilia Valdor Tank Hunter, lascannon, armoured ceramite (330 points)
The is probably the basic build that I'd be thinking about using.

Auxilia Valdor Tank, Auxilliary drive, lascannon, armoured ceramite, pintle mounted heavy flamer (350 points)
The fully upgraded version. The heavy flamer is purely to counter close range opponents, and the auxiliary drive keeps it going, just in case (but is probably not strictly needed).  

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