Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tartaros Terminator Squad

This is a Legion Terminator Squad, built as follows:
1 Tartaros Terminator Sergeant, Thunder Hammer, Combi-bolter;
1 Tartaros Terminator with Plasma Blaster, Power Sword;
3 Tartaros Terminators with Power Axes, Combi-Bolter.

Total Points Cost = 200 points.

Why This Build?
The first principle that I wanted to follow was to keep it as simple as possible and as low on points as possible. I therefore did not want to go for full power fists (although they are attractive) nor for chain fists (which are equally attractive). I can certainly see the merit in these options, and at higher points levels, I'd certainly want to expand this squad or run a second squad that did have those build options.

I like the plasma blaster a lot for the extra strength weaponry that it brings to the squad and the bonus threat level. Being Alpha Legion, I'm actually tempted to give this squad bane strike ammunition as well to make it more effective against legion enemies. But that would also be reserved for larger sized squads to make the best of the points value.

The thunder hammer on the sergeant is almost a given. It really provides the true threat of the squad and is able to handle a lot of things in the game.

The goal of the squad is to simply be a threat. It is to draw firepower from other portions of my army whilst playing a threat to light tanks, and any infantry it cares to go hunting after. It is not meant to go tank hunting, nor is is supposed to take out fliers. I have other things in my army to perform those roles. In a pinch, the thunder hammer could tank hunt against things like rhinos, of course.

The power sword on the plasma blaster guy might not seem sensible at first glance. There is a bit of logic here though. Once engaged in close combat it is likely that the plasma blaster will never fire again for the entire game. Therefore this guys is going to be striking at initiative to provide a threat to 3+ save enemies. Plus, he is also going to be the first brother removed when a fatal wound lands. I simple won't need the plasma blaster any longer once he is inside combat. He's therefore expendable. Plus, bearing plasma weaponry means that I don't want him to be armed with a more valuable power axe (or similar) and therefore if he is removed from play, I'm "only" losing a power sword.

All elements of my army are to be converted (apart from set-pieces such as Armillus Dynat). This squad features a multitude of conversions.

Every member has a true scale element built in to them. In this case, I've raised the torso significantly above the hips. My article on true scale terminators deals with this in more detail, and a size comparison is helpful for seeing the effect.

The power axes and the combi-bolters for the three main squad members are all from chaos space marines. They've been transplanted on to the terminator arms and pinned in to place.

The plasma blaster is actually a plasma cannon from the Dark Angels range of terminators. The power sword that accompanies him is a Grey Knights one.

For the squad sergeant, the combi-bolter is also a Dark Angels piece, but the shoulder pads are bits that I sourced from Puppetswar. The thunder hammer is also a minor conversion, using parts from the Chaos Space Marines tank sprue if you look closely.

To finish off, I've added a few details (tabard, pouches, terminator crux and so forth) here and there to make each of them individual, but also part of the squad. The emphasis here is on self reliance and inter-relaibility with other squad members, as befits the Alpha Legion.

Overall, I'm very happy with these conversions and this squad. I will be thinking about adding in some extra members with power fists and chain fists in the near future. I'm holding off on painting them until I'm settled on a painting scheme for my Alpha Legion army, so don't get too hopeful of seeing a fully painted squad just yet.

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