Friday, June 12, 2015

Lascannon Tarantula

Unboxing the tarantula might have shown how the pieces from both the razor back and the weapons slot together nicely, but the real proof was in the proverbial pudding. 

The image below shows my final constructed Lascannon Tarantula.

The construction of this beast was fairly straight forward overall. Although there was a certain amount of cleaning up to do on the pieces such as removing the excess flash from the resin, the pieces came out very well.

The major negative point was attempting to get the struts of the base to lay flat. Seriously: achieving a flat base for the tarantula was a complete pain. The sheer level of fiddling about is ridiculous, even with well washed (i.e. releasing agent removed) bits and in the end, my base was still not completely level.

Apart from this facet, I'm very pleased with this particular model. The Lascannons are articulated and can be pointed (swivelled) up and down. Plus their base can rotate around 360 degrees in the base of the tarantula as required during play.  

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