Sunday, June 14, 2015

POLL: Where Do Your Battles Take Place (2015 Edition)

Remarkably, it has been about five years since Warpstone Flux last asked its readers about where their battles were taking place. Even more remarkably, it has been a very, very long time since we had a poll on this site (and several iterations of the site design as well!). Indeed, we used to hold monthly contests for army building that readers would then vote on for which was the best. Yet these have long since been discontinued. Therefore its high time we had a poll again and tested the proverbial waters to see what the readers out there think.

Today, we're having our fist poll in a very long time (BOXES in the RIGHT COLUMN). It is a repeat question: where are your battles taking place? This was last asked in 2010, almost five years ago. In that poll, both urban and rural battlefields seemed to be equally common. Following this, ruins were very common as well, with over one third of all battles taking place in their midst. This was closely followed up with deserts of one type or another.

We've jiggled about the answers for this poll a little. We have a distinct category for deserts now - one for sandy types and one for an ice planet or ice themed battlefield.

The "rural" answer has been done away with as it was largely redundant and duplicated many others. Instead, there are now options such as "fantasy / grass and woods" as well as "jungles" and so forth.

In addition, there are a vast array of thematic selections available, like Orky themed worlds, Tau and Necron as well.

I'd therefore like to invite readers to select which worlds their battles are taking place on. You're welcome to vote more than once (I suspect you'll have to use different computers though) and you're very welcome to select multiple categories to cover your battlefield. For instance, a jungle with ruins would certainly have at least two of the boxes ticked, possibly more if it were an Eldar maiden world.

I'm particularly interested in the intersection of the choices. If you have any comments, or you think we're missing a category or two or three, then please leave a comment and I'll include your thoughts in the final results.

Speaking of which, the poll will last for two weeks. After that, I'll add in the extra comments and try to draw some generalities. Hopefully if nothing else, it might inspire readers as to what to create for their next gaming boards.


jabberjabber said...

Addendum: please take "daemon themed" to also mean "chaos themed".

MasterSlowPoke said...

My table's going to be a Martian style desert Necron/Ancient tomb world.

jabberjabber said...

Sounds cool! I did a Martian cratered board a little while ago that can be found here:
Hope you like it :)

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