Saturday, June 20, 2015

Necron Lord

A little bit of a diversion today. This is a Necron Lord that comes as part of the command barge play set. I assembled it as part of the barge, but thought it merited its own small corner of the blogosphere.

As mentioned in the original post, the orb was a bit of a pain to get together. The elbow joint is really odd and seems a little bit weak to my mind.

The pose of the miniature is one that I am not 100% sold on. I think I've make the stave a little bit low pointing -- it looks fine on the command barge, but I think for the battlefield, it is pointing a bit too downward. Perhaps something that was a bit more on the horizontal level would have been superior in this regard.

I am going to use this miniature for a test painting scheme for my Alpha Legion. Don't laugh. I'm serious. Well, at least in the regard of testing out some painting using compressed air spraying. Then again, I might just paint him up in Verdus Prime colours and be done with it.

1 comment:

MasterSlowPoke said...

The pose of the Barge Lord is so awful. It works when he's riding it, but that's pretty much it. I'm glad he can't get off it anymore!

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