Sunday, June 21, 2015

Deathstorm Assembly

The Deathstorm drop pod is one of those unusual choices for a 30k - or, indeed, a 40k - army list. The principle opposition to it is that it takes up a valuable heavy support slot that could be used for something else entirely. 

To me though, I see a few more aspects to it. Not only does it block lines of sight, but it can also hem in and block enemy heavy vehicles from advancing -- or more appreciably: escaping. Its a cheap threat, but one that can not only lock down critical passage ways on a battlefield, but one that can in the right circumstances inflict some significant casualties early on in a game. If ignored, it can certainly take its toll all by itself. As can probably be told by the tone of my writing, I intend to have one in my Alpha Legion army. Although I'll post a full intended army list another time, I actually like this unit and like the model for it. I realise that I might be in a minority here though.

The image above shows the Deathstorm in the process of being assembled.

The missiles come from Forge World and are a sheer block of resin that weighs significantly more than a standard drop pod contents. Indeed, one can tell by simply picking up the Deathstorm it is not a regular drop pod just because of its weight. 

Initially, I wanted to try to set up the drop pod so that it could be converted between a regular one and a Deathstorm on the fly, as required. After a number of investigative processes (including looking at Ron's old guides on FtW), I eventually decided that it was simply not prudent to magnetise the entire thing and make it de-constructable. It represented just too severe a conversion for me. Perhaps one day I'll revisit this problem, but for this - my first Deathstorm drop pod ever assembles - I just went along with the normal way of assembling it.

The assembly is actually really easy and straight forward: mainly consisting of five flat planes of missile launchers to glue on to the central hexagonal column. There are a few other servo-style skulls to go in the slots around the edges of the base, and a machine spirit to replace the storm bolter, but that's about it. None of the fiddling trying to identify the squad sergeant's harness or anything like that. Very easy and simple - despite the lack of instructions on how to construct the main body of the drop pod which is my only real complaint about the kit.


Siph_Horridus said...

Check the link out, it was easy to convert. I've got a Dreadnought Pod when I don't want the Missiles

Siph_Horridus said...

Erm, wrong link...


jabberjabber said...

Cheers Siph!! Much appreciated!

….I can see why you needed so many magnets underneath the resin -- it certainly is bulky and heavy compared to the frame. I'll certainly try to adopt that approach for my next one.

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