Monday, June 1, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Moritat-Prime Kaedes Nex

If there was ever a space marine that should have been part of the Night Lords instead of the Raven Guard, it is Nex. He was a condemned criminal on Kiavahr but found his pardon with Corax who offered him a new life so long as he only targeted prey that Corax selected. And so it began. Nex is obsessed with the hunt and the kill. He is a murderer and a very skilled one at that. Despite being a Moritat, he is shunned actively by everyone in the Raven Guard as an ill omen. Good job he likes it like that.

Nex excels at taking out particular targets. His first special rule (Relentless stalker) enables him to set up as an infiltrator (the last infiltrator to deploy at that as well) near to his target (an HQ or Elites enemy selection). On top of this, he gains zealot when in close combat against this target and when it is taken out, it is worth an extra victory point for the Raven Guard player. This can be an incredible way to turn the tide of a victory points based battle around and should not be over looked.

At range and in close combat (yes: in close combat at the S and AP listed) he can use his pistols. As well as being rending which is useful for taking out his targets, the pair of pistols he wields also has concussive. This can be invaluable as well. Personally, I think it is preferable to use them at range due to the BS of Nex. On top of this, he has the usual equipment for space marines as well as shroud bombs, refractor field and Cameleoline.

As he is ill omened, he cannot join a unit of any type. Yes: he is an independent character that cannot join any unit of any type. As might be guessed at, he also cannot be the warlord for the Raven Guard, nor can he be a compulsory HQ choice. These negatives are nothing really. He is not meant to be a team player - he is a singleton doing his master's will. He therefore needs to be played that way.

With only melta bombs to tackle adversaries like dreadnoughts, the prospect of taking them on is risky. Even though he has two wounds, he can be instant killed by power fisted dreadnoughts. Perhaps there is an argument for selecting ranged dreadnoughts for his target though.

Other than this, the main tactic is roughly the same as any moritat. Set up somewhere useful that is somewhat shielded from lots of incoming firepower and unlikely to be charged (at least initially). Then, shoot away and close for the kill if necessary. Don't forget the stealthy aspects of this HQ as well - he need not budge until the right moment. 

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