Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tarantula Unboxing

The imperial tarantula is one of those pieces that I suspect not a lot of players make use of. I personally think I want to make use of it in my 30k Alpha Legion army. This may seem like an unusual choice, and to some minds a waste of a valuable fast attack slot. I don't quite see it that way. 

I see that tarantula as a fluffy choice for the Alpha Legion. Yes, it is immobile (unless one purchases it a scout move, which I will be doing). But for a legion that prides itself on stealth and misdirection, coupled with tearing apart enemies piecemeal, I think it makes a lot of sense. Their forward squads would have placed these, narratively speaking, ahead of the battle in to key positions. And therein, they will have good lines of sight to hold key corridors through which troops will advance and give them cover, plus make tanks think twice about advancing. They're both a distraction and potentially deadly. Plus they have anti-air options given the twin-linked aspect of their shooting.

The tarantula comes in two distinct clam packs. The first one is the weapon itself, the second one is the stand that it rotates on. 

The reason for this becomes obvious when you see the first clam pack. It is basically the weapons for a razorback conversion. But it is also designed to slot in the base of the tarantula. The pictures below show the pieces immediately out of the clam packs.

The top one is a pair of twin linked las-cannons. The bottom one is the base of the tarantula. As can be seen, there is a bit of cleaning up work to be done with some flashes that need to be removed and some other bits and pieces.

Overall, it looks like a very straight forward job and I'll have this one whipped up in next to no time.

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