Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Under-arm Melta Gun Conversion

In the constant quest for new poses and following the maxim of "no model unconverted", I decided to start looking at original poses for weapons. Inspired by terminator reaper auto cannons, I thought about creating an under-arm slung special weapon grip: in this case a melta gun.

In the image, I have take two components (yes - its that simple!): a plastic melta gun, and the heavy bolter left arm from the chaos space marine range. 

For the melta gun, I trimmed and filed away the top part of the gun so that it would lay flat against the fist, as well as the back of the gun where a recoil buffer might sit, so that the angled portion would also lay flat against the chaos space marine arm. You can also see that I've trimmed back the excess chaos embellishments to the melta gun such as the bits that drape off the bottom of the corrugated wire at the bottom of the gun. This was mostly aesthetic, but also provides me with more room to play about with modelling when I finally connect the shoulder to a marine torso.

For the heavy bolter chaos space marine left left arm, I also ensured that the bottom of the fist was filed right down so that it would make a solid contact with the melta gun when glued together. The second major change was the slice through the wrist, perform a wrist rotation and slight angling, and re-pin it in to its new position. This is absolutely necessary as the arm is positioned very awkwardly for a single weapon such as a melta gun. In effect, I've made the arm look like its straight!

The final conversion is that of a melta gun operated by the left hand and under-slung. This makes it look fairly unique and will make a terrific visual impact in a group of marines that otherwise looks fairly standard (or even in a group of marines where every one of them is a conversion!). 

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