Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Marshal Durak Rask

The second of the two Death Guard HQ characters (who is not a primarch!) is Durak Rask. From the outset, I'll note that he's the traitor option. This is one of the really nice aspects of Betrayal: for each of the four main legions involved, there's the primarch and at least one loyalist HQ to play around with.

Unlike Morturg, he didn't survive Isstvan III. His background is one of being utterly loyal to Mortarion, and also being a regular of the seven-pillared lodge (the Death Guard analogue of the warrior lodge present in many other legions).

As a Marshal, he was in charge of the legion's Ordnance. Therefore it is of little surprise that the character is geared toward this flavour.

To be perfectly honest, Rask's character is a vehicle wrecker. His wargear (thunder hammer) and special rules (wrecker and tank hunters) back this up 100%. He also grants the warlord trait of target priority which is a real boon (multiplier even) when played alongside friendly units. Although he's probably not as good as a well thought-out praetor, he is worth taking in my opinion. Team him up with some legion tactical support squads or legion heavy support squads and see what happens when you shoot opponents off objectives. Move in to close combat (detaching from the squad in doing so perhaps) to mop up any final resistance. Job done. Worth taking.

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