Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Captain Saul Tarvitz

Mounting the defence on Isstvan III, Tarvitz may have been one of the most important loyalists in the traitor forces. Stealing a thunderhawk, he warned the other loyalists and helped them survive the traitor's machinations. In this, he excelled. But unlike the other Emperor's Children, he was mediocre and didn't share their push for betterment -- especially his own betterment as he was fairly content with his lot in the Legion.

Tarvitz is one of the cheaper named characters in the Horus Heresy books, on par with an under-powered praetor. Losing a pip in BS and A, Tarvitz gains a charnabal broadsword, a sniper rifle, and a refractor field. In addition, he has preferred enemies of the traitor Emperors Children. I feel these exchanges almost balance out the stat line losses and his points value is almost comparable to an upgraded praetor with comparable equipment. Almost. In regular games, he is probably over-price slightly. In games featuring Isstvan III legions, he is probably slightly under-costed. Give or take a bit.

Hence, I would regard Tarvitz as a fluffy choice for the loyalists on Isstvan III, and a reasonable alternative to a (not highly upgraded) praetor that also provides Master of the Legion to give access to the rites of war, and with a set warlord trait. One could probably tailor something better to your own play style, but he is certainly an option for those looking to recreate an Isstvan III army.


Anonymous said...

I'm just pissed he hasn't got a model yet!

jabberjabber said...

Couldn't agree more! I'm hoping that eventually all of the characters get models. But I'm not holding out too much hope for the really lesser ones like the World Eater's Shabran Darr. I suspect Tarvitz might just be on the edge of being profitable for them, so maybe, just maybe they'll make a model for him. Fingers crossed.

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