Sunday, October 12, 2014

Thri Kreen miniatures

One of the miniatures released alongside the Dark Sun series of RPGs were the Thri Kreen. They are based on preying mantis warriors and in the literature use some odd weapons reminiscent of ninjas or Eastern culture specialists. 

This particular chap is from Ral Partha, and is a lead based miniature from many years ago. The painting is very basic: green chitin coupled with red compound eyes to evoke the Athasian feeling of the miniatures. 

The weapon that he carries is a gythka - a kind of specialist pole arm that features sharp blades at either end … perhaps a bit like a double ended light sabre that belongs to a certain Sith Lord. 

The Thri-Kreen are known to use their spittle to create dasl crystal - essential a frosted venom, it crystallises and forms a very hard substance that ensures the creature is never weaponless. 

Its a pity that the miniature range never really took off, as I suspect that these kinds of creatures (if they were a touch larger) could have provided some excellent NPCs for Warhammer Fanstasy Roleplay, or even unaligned armies / mercenaries in the main skirmish game. I'll be reviewing "Thri Kreen of Athas" at a later date as part of my Dark Sun series, but just found that I had this miniature lying gathering dust in the bottom of my collection and wanted to quickly post it up. 

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