Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Gun Kata - A Dynamic Space Marine Conversion

Following on from the under-arm melta gun conversion from yesterday, this is the upper body torso of the space marine that I built with it. 

I've built in a good quantum of dynamism to this model. Not only is the left arm raised and looking like its firing, but the arm has been significantly swung out from the body, at just over 45 degrees from the solar plexus. This has been pinned in to the torso with a (partially bent) paperclip and is ready for some greenstuff to fill in the gap.

The right arm is simply a bolt pistol from the chaos space marine range. But as with the melta gun, I've swung this out from the body more than was originally designed (note the bent paperclip pin in place again here). The two arms make an angle of about 90 degrees from each other. 

I've positioned the beakie head to look in the direction of the melta gun. What is interesting with this pose is that it seems like the marine is taking his shot with the melta gun at an immediate target. But he also is seemingly taking a shot to finish off something else to his right hand side. 

Dual wielding in a "gun kata" style, this marine certainly maintains my maxim of "no marine unconverted" in my forthcoming army.

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