Monday, October 6, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Section Leader Crysos Morturg

Crysos Morturg is a loyalist HQ choice for the Death Guard. He has the unusual distinction of being an Isstvan III atrocity survivor, largely because he simply would not go down. This makes him the epitome of the Death Guard ethos in my book.

Hence as a loyalist Death Guard player, he would make an ideal HQ choice for Betrayal. To be fair, Morturg is a fairly "typical" space marine commander in terms of stats - nothing really note worthy about his stat line stands out to me to be honest. Not even an extra pip in toughness, much to my sadness!

What does set him apart is his combination of special rules. Alongside the usual Death Guard Astartes rules, he gets infiltrate, stubborn and Endurance (from biomancy) as a level 1 psyker. These are an interesting set of abilities, but not outstanding. If he confers the infiltrate to other loyalist death guard, this could be a good move to get some terminators up front and bring some serious hurt to enemy players.

Having said that, I actually think that a specifically tailored praetor would be a better choice all round as Morturg has a seemingly odd combination of abilities to some extent. Cost wise, I think he's about typical for his stats and equipment. The question is: what sort of leader do you want? If its a fluffy choice for an Isstvan III loyalist Death Guard force, then this guy will certainly do rather well. If not, then go for a praetor of your own design.


Zuul said...

I could be wrong, but the latest version of the rules removes the ability of a character to confer infiltrate to a unit and vice versa.

jabberjabber said...

Yes -- I guess this demonstrates how long ago I had thought about all this!

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