Thursday, October 16, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Mechanicum Land Raider

I had a momentary hesitation in posting this as I realise that we've already covered the main legion land raiders, and the mechanicum land raider follows the same pattern and principles as those earlier ones. That said, it is a distinct entry in the Ordo Reductor army list within Betrayal, so for completeness, I'm going to quickly review it.

It has a whole lot in common with the land raider proteus to be honest. But one of the main differences is the presence of the Anabaric Claw. This is a close combat weapon (basically an electrocution from the hull) that strikes anyone (friend of foe) within 1" of the hull. It can be effective at whittling down a squad should they have the nerve to try to close assault the land raider. And since it comes for free, one might as well try to remember to use it on occasion!

The points cost of this land raider is slightly cheaper than the proteus. But if we upgrade the heavy bolter to be twin linked, we get in the same region of points very readily.

The upgrades are similar to a standard legion land raider, but with extra mechanicum options thrown in for good measure.

Here are a couple of builds that appealed to me, beyond the "naked" version which I think would still do well.

Mechanicum Land Raider, Graviton Cannon, Plasma Cannon Sponsons, extra armour, armoured ceramite (270 points)
I really like the weaponry on this tank: the graviton and plasma cannon combination represents a threat to many things in the game and the armour only adds to the tanks lasting power. Fear this tank!

Mechanicum Land Raider, Twin-linked plasma-fusil, flamestorm cannon sponsons, dozer blade, extra armour, armoured ceramite, flare shield, frag assault launchers (275 points)
This is a close assault tank variation. Drive up to where you want the contents of the tank to be, unload them and fire off the weapons to support their subsequent assault. Close and personal style.

Mechanicum Land Raider, Exploratory Augury Web (245 points)
This is an allied land raider for an Alpha Legion primary detachment (or any legion list that relies on reserve rolls, such as those with a deep striking rite of war). Mess around with your and / or the opponents reserve rolls! And sit in the back field and take some shots at enemy tanks with your las cannons.

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