Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I think I'm too super excited about the Horus model being released by Forge World! Seriously, I think that the sculpt is absolutely gorgeous!

But the price tag -- GBP60 -- is really rather up there - but equally so is much of Forge World's kit.

In the interview that Simon Egan gives about the sculpting process there is also a really interesting. In it, he gives almost a throw away line about the thing he's learnt - including embossed plate armour for a future project. So: who else in the 30k series has amazingly embossed plate armour… hmmmmm…!

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Dave Garbe said...

That's a shiny model... price is high, but when you consider a) so is most of Forge World's stuff and b) GW's raised the price of single character models in their normal line pretty high.. it's about on par.

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