Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sisters of Battle Unit Review: Uriah Jacobus

Sourced: hoxiaowei.deviantart.com
Hello all, Eldrad Vect here with a review on one of the most amazing Confessor of all, Uriah Jacobus.
Last time I reviewed the less than impressive Arch-Confessor Kyrinov and whilst Jacobus has the same stats and save as Kyrinov, he is on a whole other level. This crazy old war dog is an incredible fighter having both a Chainsword and Bolt Pistol as well as his giant Shotgun, Redeemer. 24' range, S4 AP4 Assault 2 double barrel shotgun of pain, Tyranid Ravager? Blam! Jacobus just shotgunned it in it's ugly face like a boss. He also carries the Banner of Sanctity, which give him and his unit +1 to their Attack and Feel no Pain, imagine him with 20 Battle Sisters on an objective, they are not moving, ever. This combination of skill and actual weapons that are any good, (I'm looking at you again Kyrinov), makes Uriah Jacobus both an amazing combat god but also a great support character.
Uriah also has a couple of awesome special rules, he has Stubborn, which is helpful to some degree but most importantly he buffs the entire army with his rule Protector of the Faith, this rule allows you to re-roll the dice used when rolling how many Faith Points you get at the start of each turn, which means there will be plenty of faith to go round.
Uriah is a great character for any Battle Sister army and his augmenting abilities are gold, this guy is also the same points as Kyrinov, but so much better and well worth the 90 points it costs to use him.

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