Monday, July 8, 2013

Building the Baroness: Skyboard

Hello everyone, Eldrad Vect here, I've recently had a run in with Nurgle, as such I haven't posted anything for a while due to sickness. This is the start of a series of posts about my construction and conversion of my Baron Sathonyx model for my Dark Eldar. Now the title says 'Baroness' so of course this is a female Sathonyx, I have yet to create and write fluff for her that fits with the rest of my collections. (I say collections since my storylines incorporate all of the armies I collect.)

Top shot, shows more of the details.
This is her Skyboard, converted from a regular Hellion Skyboard by cutting off the wings and attaching the lower parts of Raider tail fins to it, making it wider and bulkier with out going overboard. I removed the stubby Splinter Pods from the front and replaced them with spare Splinter Rifles also from the Raider kits, I have three Raiders so I have a lot of spare parts. I used Raider Chain Snares and tied up skulls to give the board a grisly fearsome look worthy of the mad Baroness. it's double the width of a regular Hellion board, so she'll stand out from her squad and I'm also planing for her to be higher off the ground then the rest of the Hellions too.

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