Monday, July 29, 2013

Sisters of Battle Unit Review: Arch-Confessor Kyrinov

Hi all, Eldrad Vect here with the review of Arch-Confessor Kyrinov, a rather mediocre Special Character within the ranks of the Ecclesiarchy.
Now I'm not paying out on this guy because I don't like him, he is really bad, hero wise. His stat line is the same as an Ecclesiarchy Confessor, understandable but quite weak and this makes him incredibly susceptible to being cut down by small arms fire or similar weapons. With a horrible save and low Strength and Toughness he is not going to be winning many combats, though he won't run since he and all squads in 6" are Fearless. Aside from unit buffing he really doesn't do much.
Kyrinov's signature weapon is the Mace of Valaan, a unique Power Weapon that pretty much has the Concussive special rule. He also carries the Icon of Chiros this is what allows him to grant Fearless to nearby squads. As far as rules go, Kyrinov has all the same as your basic Confessor except for Heightened Fervour, which just mean he counts as having a Laud Hailer and Simulacrum Imperialis.
All up, Kyrinov is not worth the his points cost, maybe if he were twenty or so points cheaper but other than that, your better off with are basic Ecclesiarchy Confessor or Uriah Jacobus, which my next review will be on.


erfunk said...

I've never used him, but I feel like he'd be decent anchoring a back line. Probably with Guard allies, so you can attach him to a shooting blob and also keep your Rets/Sisters from spooking.

Eldrad Vect said...

Hi erfunk, I never thought of Allies. Yes he's a pretty good support character for IG I think thats where he excels.

erfunk said...

To be fair, Jacobus especially but also Celestine each do a lot for a Guard blob too. It just becomes a different kind of blob, since it then wants to charge up the field. I don't ally IG very often as I prefer straight Sisters of Battle, though I can see how Guard gives us a lot of new combos and tools.

Eldrad Vect said...

Exactly, I play both IG and Sisters but have never played them together, because most games I play are at 1000 points and anything bigger I tend to play my Eldar, Tau and Dark Eldar at. I totally agree with you on the blob theory though I think Celestine works better solo of with Seraphim.

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