Monday, July 1, 2013

My Top 5 Favourite Special Characters

Hi Everyone, Eldrad Vect here giving you an insight to some of my personal favourite special characters in 40k and some of the tactics I use with them some, may just surprise you.

Number 5
Dark Angels: Grand Master Azrael

Counting downwards from number 5 to my all time favourite, we have Azrael. Az gets stuff done, with the ability to take both Ravenwing Attack Squadrons and Deathwing Terminator Squads as Troops, his wicked weapons and abilities like choosing his Warlord Traits and giving any unit he is with a 4++. I use him constantly in my Dark Angels force, he is either carving a path through the foe's troops or standing with my Tactical Squad or Devestator Squad. I do this because unlike other armies, Dark Angels do not have a lot of effective anti-flyer, instead of trying to take down flyers, I simply ignore them and this is why Azrael is placed with my troops, to give them a save against those pesky Helldrakes. Hes is an all-round great character.

Number 4
Eldar: Illic Nightspear
In number 4 is Illic Nightspear, I've always wanted a Ranger HQ and now its here, he looks really good, with his rifle and if you can see closely, his Power Sword is at his belt. I tend to use Illic as support for Striking Scorpions, yes you read right, Striking Scorpions, why? well simply because he and the Scorpions can Infiltrate anywhere they like ignoring the range restrictions, he also gives them Shrouded, combined with the Scorpions Stealth rule the unit gains a +3 bonus to any Cover Save they have. Illic himself has a Power Sword meaning hes is quite good in close combat.
I also use him to create immovable Dark Reaper Squads, cause Dark Reapers with Shrouded is a dangerous combination or I use him to Outflank short range units like Guardians and Fire Dragons.

Number 3
Tau: Commander Farsight

Since the old days, I've loved Farsight, a lovable renegade seeking to slay Orks. His new model is amazing and its a true testament to him that I bought the model before I even knew his rules. Apart from the obvious Mega Bodyguard Deathstar that I love using, I use Farsight and a single Bodyguard with XV8-05 Crisis 'Iridium' Armour this means that any small arm fire is palmed of to the Bodyguard and any AP2 is taken on Farsight's Invul. also since the Iridium Armour increases toughness by 1, Farsight and his Bodyguard have a majority toughness of 5 making them even harder to kill and leave a lot of points not spent on Bodyguards to put into things like Pathfinders and Riptides.

Number 2
Eldar: Eldrad Ulthran
My name says it all, this guy is BOSS! Since I started using him 3 years ago he has slain Thunderwolf cavalry, exploded the head of a Dreadknight pilot using Mind War slain countless Necrons and Space Marines and pried open a Dreadnought with his Witchblade. He is a legend, his psychic mastery means I use him for everything from buffing troops, cursing enemies and slain foes with Witchfires. I mainly run him with a unit of Dire Avengers or if I have Allies, an Archon, though I do place him in any unit where he is most effective.

Number 1
Dark Eldar: Lelith Hesperax
My all time favourite character, Lelith Hesperax, I loved her since the 2nd edition codex and when the 5th edition codex came out in 2010, on the day it came out, I bought Lelith and the codex, she was also my first Finecast model and I have 3 of her, and some conversion I've used her in, like my Female Commissar. Since 2010 I've played Lelith in almost every Dark Eldar army list. She has slain countless hundreds of models in this time, from whole Chaos Space Marine Squads to a Hive Tyrant, my devotion is quite silly though, there are some really good HQs in the Dark Eldar Codex that benefit the army in general, but I still like her and in 6th her BS of 9 is awesome... when throwing Plasma Grenades.
I typically give her a retinue of Grotesques, their Toughness, mass of Wounds and a free Pain Token make them great wound absorbers so that Lelith gets to combat unscathed, but other units like Incubi or Bloodbrides work well and I use them too. I also like sticking Lelith behind an Aegis Defence Line or on a Bastion with Icarus Lascannon, since we can't waste her BS9 now can we?

Anyway, I do hope you enjoyed my first attempt at a blog and hope to hear what you think :)  


J. D. Brink said...

That's a good list!
I'm partial to phoenix lords, myself, though i know that's not common.

Eldrad Vect said...

Hi J. D. Brink - Thanks for reading, I too love the Phoenix Lords, particularly Jain Zar and Baharroth.
Also readers I forgot to source my pics, please excuse my rookie mistake :)

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