Thursday, July 4, 2013

Crazy Converisons: Penal Legionnaires

Hello all, Eldrad Vect here with my Crazy Conversions. Now, those unfamiliar with the most under used units in the Imperial Guard Codex, the Penal Legion Squad is a group of the most dangerous and penitent criminals in the Imperium given a second chance at freedom in the Imperial Guard... by performing suicidally dangerous missions behind enemy lines. Their rules reflect the fluff perfectly, they have the Scout and Stubborn special rule as well as the rule Desperados, that gives them random bonus making the unit all that more interesting, however sadly this unit is not used all that often, since the other Troop choices in the IG codex (Infantry Platoons and Veteran Squads) are just that much more customizable and useful. However my Imperial Guard army is different using 4 Penal Legion Squads and a Veteran Squad in an 1000 point army list.
So, I present to you my first squad of Penal Legionnaires, though they aren't all finished yet I still need to apply a ball and chain here, handcuffs there, also there is one that is still a guardsmen, which will give you an insight on how they looked before. A long time ago, I purchased a squad of Cadian Guardsmen, over the years they turned from Cadians to Inqisitorial Stormtroopers, after I finished going through the Grey Knights phase, I just used them for proxys but now after a long wait and my green stuffing skills having had improved, they have found a home.
Group Shot


I used spare Chaos Space Marine knives, Eldar guardian head, Dark Eldar Hellion bits and Blood Angel Death Company heads I had lying around and quite a bit of Green Stuff. The chains were from spare Dark Eldar kits I had around. No detail was spared as the broken handle, trigger and stock of the Lasguns were rebuilt and replaced by spare Dark Eldar Splinter Rifles and Space Marine Scout Snipers. I think they look quite impressive, though I'm quite bias, what do you guys think?


Tristan M said...

great conversions - haha I love that guy standing on his ball & chain.

Eldrad Vect said...

Thanks Tristan M! I still have to finish the guy swinging the ball and chain over his head :)

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