Monday, July 15, 2013

Re-painting my Dark Eldar Kabalites

In my seeking perfection, re-painting is the only option. Eldrad Vect here, I strive for the best, this has led me to repainting my entire Kabal, while I'm happy with my Wych Cult scheme and my Haemonculus Coven scheme I got really sick of the unimpressive blue of my original Kabal scheme. So I slightly tweaked the White Dwarf Kabalite Armour painting guide and started.
 1. My original colour scheme, yes very boring drab and basic. My personality means I crave praise for my work, so this terribly bland warrior won't get me any. 
 2. I re-base coated my kabalites, however due to my natural laziness I left all my original details on, I really just want to re-paint the armour.
 3. I use Incubi Darkness to line the armour plates. Female kabalites are harder to paint, there brestplates aren't flat, thus I drybrush in order to give the same effect as the lines.
 4. Second paint I use is Kabalite Green, this particular warrior has been half done. I apply it to the lines of the first colour, but leaving enough of the first to still be seen slightly.
 5. Final coat, Sybarite Green. This highlights giving quite a nice glowing effect I then lightly drybrush the armour with Kabalite Green, I stress lightly, it is used to blend the colours together.
It's particularly effective on tanks, giving the Ravager I kind of sleek look. Also thanks for the amazing support of the Baroness, I haven't posted it for a while due to being busy and sick, but I am working on it so, you shall definitely see more of her in the future.

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