Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Scenery: Creating Crystal Growths and Stacks

You're down to your last few drops of superglue and you know that if you re-seal the tube, it probably won't open again.  And if somehow it does re-open, the precious few drops you have left will have mysteriously evaporated.

To combat this, I have a stash of odds-and-ends kind of projects that use up the last few drips.  One of more more innovative ideas was to purchase a bag of plastic "crystals" from the local hardware / garden store.  These items are sometimes used in fishtanks, or to create a garden feature / pathway.

What I've done here is to glue four of these crystals together in to a small stack and base them on some CNC mdf board.  The height of the crystal growth is just slightly taller than a standard space marine model.  Therefore these little stacks create an unusal kind of terrain and scenery for miniature wargames. 

In Warhammer 40,000, they're perfect to represent some of the "mysterious forest" results in the scenery tables provided in the 6th edition rulebook. 

I have a few more of these made up, and in the works, that I'll post at a later date. 


Col. Corbane said...

Smart tip mate, time to get me some crystals!

Greg McDonald said...

Looks good! What kind of glue did you use so the plastic doesn't frost?

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