Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Plastic Plaguebearer Conversion: Three Arms

The first of (perhaps) a number of plaguebearer conversions from me today.  This fellow features a mighty third arm ... which, belonging to a plaguebearer, is being dragged behind him, toting a death head in a gangly manner.

The conversion is simple enough: the plaguebearer sprue contains excess arms (even more if one makes up the musician and standard bearer options), hence there will usually be some spare for this kind of work.  The gangly dangling-behind arm feels like a good fit for a third arm, as the shoulders almost butt up against each other without having to use any greenstuff.  That said, it can be seen in the picture that instead of using greenstuff, I have used a little bit of excess plastic (that I snipped off the sprue) to fill in a small gap where the top of the two shoulders don't quite meet snugly enough.  Since this model is a plaguebearer, being fine and finessed about these things is pointless: having an extra lumpy bit at the top of the shoulders only adds to the decaying feeling of the sculpt and conversion!

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