Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chaos Release Schedule Rumour Digest

By now, many of you will be aware of the rumoured release schedule posted on BoLS discussion forums.  Whilst I'm not taking is as completely legitimate, it is .... tasty .... to say the least.  

So, Chaos gets a wide variety of old and new items, including the four regular greater daemons.  The new plastic one is a dual kit for furies and something entitled "warp stalkers".  This is a good move methinks -- the old fluff about baseless fears coalescing into daemons in the warp is the embodiment of these creatures, I feel.

For the more power-armoured amongst us, we gain Cypher of the Dark Angels, something called a Cabal Tarellian Cotor (no idea about that one) and a Cabal Alpha Psyker (probably an Imperial Guard analogue I'd think).  

Noise marines, thousand sons round the power armour out (what: no plastic plague marines? ... Nurgle is always last it seems), Chaos bike squadron and mechanicus battle servitors (exciting!).

In terms of scenery, it seems that each codex is going to be getting something unique.  For Tau, the Nautilus Defence Platform, and for us Chaos players, a Dark Chapel upgrade pack.  Perhaps this adds on to the Fortress of redemption?  Or more likely, one of the space marine fortifications mentioned such as the battle fortress?

Finally, an honourable mention to the genestealer cults!  There's an upgrade pack to make hybrids (but out of what? Cadians?) and a patriarch.  If true, these are very exciting developments since it implies that genestealer cults could be allies for chaos forces, just like days of old!

(The image is of GRAINS OF SALT, taken from wikipedia and used under the GNU license.  The purpose of the image should be obvious!). 


John Lambshead said...

Look forward to return of genestealer cults.

J. D. Brink said...

Personally, I'm all rumored out. It seems like the rumor mills start 6+ months before the truth is revealed and they change every couple weeks. I'll just wait for the real deal and keep my head in the sand until then.

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