Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Epilogue of the Wasp Campaign

The Wasp Campaign is finally (and sadly) over.

The final results were that Chaos space marines (jabberjabber) crushed the joint forces of the imperium who attempted to seize control of WASP's moon.

The Blood Ravens (paladin84) lured the sneaky dark eldar and hordes of greenskins into a trap, feigning weakness, only to hit them at their weakest points securing WASP for the imperium.

Therefore the final situation is with the Blood ravens having secured a win and being convincingly in control of the planet and Chaos securing a win being convincingly in control of the moon. The campaign is now on hold and we may have a final (apocalypse) battle at some later point in time where the forces of chaos fight the imperium for control of the WASP system and decide the final outcome of this campaign. The orks and dark eldar have banded with chaos on the moon whilst the space marines have scoured the surface of WASP from xenos and heretic alike.....

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