Monday, August 13, 2012

Quad Gun Construction

The quad-gun is sold with the Aegis Defence Line and can be purchased in-game with many of the fortification options. Rules-wise, the gun feels highly appealing (but I'll post about that another day).  Today, I wanted to talk about the construction of the kit.

Much like the Icarus lascannon, the assembly is reasonably straight-forward with very few fiddly bits to contend with.

The base is exactly the same as the Icarus: a square arrangement (4 bits), and a cover with a hole in the top (much like a predator main weapon perhaps).  The gun consists of the circular base that swivels on the platform base, the "retort stand"(?!), 4 guns, and some optional extras.

When I was making this piece, I got a little confused with the gun orientation.  For some reason, I wanted the tracers (or are they simply support struts?) to be on the upper edge of the guns themselves.  As can be seen in the image, these are on the lower edge.  The clue in the construction is to look at the orientation of the skulls on the side of the weapon, just in front of the ammo barrels.  Speaking of the ammo barrels, I also couldn't decide whether they were more appealing if they were slightly offset to the top (as in the image, and as recommended), or offset to the bottom.  I guess a gravity assist makes sense, hence why they're offset to the top edge.

There are also a small bunch of optional extras to the piece, including lenses, a power pack (both attached here) and some mechanicus looking bits (which I chose not to glue on).  In total, my final quad gun has (I think) 17 bits.  Of them, 4 are small (fiddly!) half-barrels at the front of the gun.  I might replace (or extend) the front of the gun with some chaos vehicle sprue gargoyle heads.  But I'm not sure if I'm totally taken with that idea just yet.


Kraggi said...

My issue with the Quad gun is its stat line:

T7, W2, T3+

Not so hot, easy to take out and its not like you can hide it anywhere otherwise its targets are somewhat limited. Esepcailly as it cannot be setup in terrain (as it needs to be setup before terrain, which should mean at tournaments not in terrain).

To be honest if it scares people (and if they have flyers it should) then they just focus it in turn 1, and its 50 points down the drain :-(

Knight of Infinite Resignation said...

Is the Aegis defence line/bastion wall high enough that the quad gun will be 25% obscured and thus in cover?

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