Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Raptor Lord for 2012

With the New Year, I felt it was time to design a new Raptor Lord for the chaos armies I field.  Although raptors aren't such an often-seen choice on the gaming table, I still enjoy running a small squad of raptors from time to time and in the past have given plenty of thought to what chaos mark they should benefit from.  This miniature is an update for my old snake-headed raptor lord.  But instead of a power fist, this guy has an ugly looking mace.  In-game, this could be either a power weapon, or a force weapon if I were to run this fellow as a sorcerer.

The parts to make this miniature conversion derive from a number of sources.  The head, torso and wings are clearly from the possessed chaos space marine sprues.  The bolt pistol arm is a standard chaos space marine weapon.  The mace and shoulder pads source from Dark Angels bits and regular space marine pads.  Meanwhile the legs are cunningly from a loyalist terminator who no longer needed them.  The longer, somewhat bulkier legs give an exaggerated height to the space marine which adds to the menace when he towers over the grots and points his mace in their general direction.


lil will said...

Great conversion! As for marks, I prefer slaanesh because you can move fast across the board and strike first ( most of the time) in assault

jabberjabber said...

Thank will! I use both Slaanesh and Khorne .... with a leaning toward Khorne to be honest.

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