Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ghost Knight Terminator Justicar

Mordrak is able to field a unit of Ghost Knights when he appears on the battlefield due to a psychic manifestation of his survivor's guilt.  This particular grey knight is a justicar of his Ghost Knight retinue for a small army that I'm constructing (whilst waiting for codex: chaos legions to make an appearance, of course...). 

The miniature is a standard grey knight terminator, armed with a halberd and adorned with various paraphernalia that we have come to associate with grey knights (ancient liber, etc.).  Instead of a regular helmet, this terminator sports a skull.  This is inspired from the Ghost Knight status -- although the rest of my Ghost Knights will have sealed helms, I wanted the justicar Ghost Knight to stand out a little bit.  Hence I clipped a skull from one of the chaos vehicle sprues and carefully glued it in to place.  Although the skull lacks a jaw bone, it feels about the right size for the cavity where the helm should be.  I just need to figure out how to cunningly paint the chain that I've left attached to the skull so that it is not too visible (the chain was left in place to give the skull a bit of height from the neck of the terminator armour).


Menzies Tank said...

Nice Ghost Knight!

I'm a big fan of the 'unhelmeted' Ghost Knight termies. Why would they need helmets anyway, they're already dead! :)

I personally found the Tomb Kings / VC fantasy range of skeleton and zombie heads to be very appropriate, and easy to use.

That been said, the clipped skull you've used is pretty cool, and quite unnerving as a Ghost should be!

Maybe the chain can be painted like 'teeth', albeit a slightly distorted representation of it..

jabberjabber said...

Although I've got some VC bits, they're too mixed up with other bits in the box ... hence why I went for the skull from the vehicle sprue as it was easier to pluck out of the old bitz box(!)

The idea of painting the chain as teeth is nice! Might have to try that...

beakie said...

I built mine normal and painted them like the Army of the Dead from Lord of the Rings.

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