Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Grey Knight Terminator

They're sorcerers.  That's my excuse.  No really.  Okay, I really am toying with the idea of a Ghost Knight army... more on that on a different day.

This "sorcerer" is a standard Grey Knight terminator with little significant conversion work applied.  The curved/tilted shield on the left shoulder pad was a bit fiddlesome to get in to place, but I think I got it in place right in the end.  Just got to drill out the holes for the ammo to come out of now and decide how I'm going to base this guy (maybe on some of these Scribor bases).


Menzies Tank said...

I see you've made the jump! :) The new GK plastics are wonderful models, and they've been a real blast to play (win, lose, draw, etc).

If you do make the full leap to the Ghostwing, welcome to the club!

jabberjabber said...

Certainly am thinking along Ghost Wing lines (at least until chaos legions comes out!).


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