Friday, December 16, 2011

Scribor: Review of Ruins Bases

Scribor monstrous miniatures sells a range of resin cast miniatures for both fantasy and sci-fi (most being of 28mm scale, but some larger ones too).  Many of the pieces have obvious resonances with warhammer and warhammer 40,000 and can complement bits from either range.  I intend to make a few conversions from their pieces in the coming weeks, but that's a tale for later.

Recently, I purchased a number of bits from them, including a few scenic bases in the style of "ruins".  These are a pair of 40mm circular bases suitable for use with 40k.  The level of detail in the pieces is clear from the image below.
In terms of quality, the resin casts are superior to games workshop's finecast; no two ways about that.  However, they're not quite at the same level as Quantum Gothic ... but they are very very close!  Let me emphasize that the quality of Scibor is great -- its just that I feel Quantum Gothic is fantastic.  

The two bases above have some very fine detail, ranging from the small writing on the (broken) paving slabs, to the creeping vines that come out of the ground.  Such detail is certainly worth paying the price for, and I think, is superior to Back-2-Basix (another company that I thoroughly recommend).

So overall, I'm very impressed with the quality and level of detail.  I would certainly go back to them. And for those of you who are thinking that purchasing from Poland might be an issue -- I got my bits to Australia in a very short amount of time and the customer service from Scribor was excellent.

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