Monday, December 12, 2011

Rules Homebrew: Psychokinetic Sphere

Psychic Power: Psychokinetic Sphere

The psyker calls forth an expanding sphere of supersonic wind that knocks back all nearby models (friend or foe).

Use at any stage of a close combat that the psyker is involved in.

On a successful psychic test, all models within 2" of the psyker's base (including those in base-to-base contact with the psyker, friend or foe) are flung back 2" in a radial direction from the psyker.  If a model cannot be moved away in such a fashion, they are otherwise moved 2" away from the psyker (e.g. along a wall).  If a model is in a dead-end and cannot be move (e.g. a cul-de-sac style situation), then the model is simply not moved.

As a result of successfully using this power, the psyker is no longer engaged in the combat.  If the user is an independant character and was part of a unit on activation, the psyker will no longer be considered part of that unit after using this ability.


sonsoftaurus said...


I don't know about the "any stage" part, I think that would cause headaches. While the effect is cool, if the goal is to remove the sorcerer from combat, it might be better to just give him an improved Hit and Run that lets him abandon the rest of the squad.

Von said...

'Any stage' is going to be very awkward given the lack of a consistent system for 'interrupts' in 40K.

Maybe he could force a Hit and Run on the enemy, i.e. they get to fight one round (while the pulse builds up) but are tossed out at a consistent stage? Maybe before Morale checks, thus saving the Sorcerer and his unit from having to take one?

Nice conversion, by the way.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Guys,

The "at any stage" was thrown in there to differentiate from hit and run -- but I take your points!

The main idea was that this power could resonate with a model with high initiative -- i.e. engage in combat, strike and then activate the power, thereby denying them any hits back. Evil if used well!


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