Thursday, December 22, 2011

Of An Old Plastic Space Marine

To remind myself about how far both miniatures and my painting style has come, today's post is about a (VERY) old plastic space marine miniature.

This chap is from the old Rogue Trader classic plastic sprue (RTB01).  The sculpting on the miniature is nowhere near modern standards, but analogues to these parts are now sold by Forge World.  This particular miniature is assembled with a flamer and a sergeant's head -- six parts in total would you believe!  (Although there were options to add on ammo clips, etc., this marine doesn't possess such ornamentation...). The old RTB01 boxed set is something of a collectors item these days, but I have long since assembled, painted, and sold away the majority of such miniatures I once had.  

For the paint scheme, as you can probably see, this guy is an Ultramarine.  I don't quite know what possessed me to paint up a bunch of Ultramarines back in the day -- Grey Knights would have made more sense (they use sorcery after-all, right?), but they fought regularly with my friend's orks over rugs and book-pile hills.  There's not much to be said about the painting: it is a blue undercoat, followed by old-school blue ink (check out the "shine" from the inked parts -- the old ink really did glisten in the right light, I still have a few pots, but only tend to use the green ink on plaguebearers for deliberate effect) and some blue drybrushing for the main part.  

Whilst I'm a little nostalgic about the old marine, the present day space marines are superior in sculpt, and much nicer to paint!


Siph_Horridus said...

Ah ha old timer, I have a full squad! And an LE2 the original marine! Sucks to be old, but not always ;)

jabberjabber said...

Yep, I've also got full squads but am too embarrassed to photograph them due to dreadful childhood painting skills.....!!

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