Friday, January 13, 2012

Scenery: Tau Game Board

Snapped in Melbourne, this Games Workshop table features several Tau inspired pieces of scenery that I found inspiring and wanted to share.

In particular, the walls of the fortifications in the foreground are made out of wood (or mdf at least) and have simply been etched to create the clean lines all the way around.  I'm not sure where the landing pad, the gun sentry or the communications device come from, but they're also very cool looking!


Magilla Gurilla said...

The terrain is fantastic.
I really, really like Tau is the lack of edges.

DuendE said...

amazing table ! I got a tau army too!

Great Blog!

IM following you!

You can follow me too ! I got a painting Blog!

TheGraveMind said...

The turret looks like one of the Forge world ones, while the communication array is made out of gun bitz. I can't say for the landing pad, but probably a custom conversion. It's a very nice board.

Spifferson said...

Using the wood railing/trim/moulding Is a good idea. There are a number of styles to choose from and you could easily detail them in various race specific ways.

Masked Thespian said...

The landing pad, if it's anything like the ones made at Warhammer World in England, is made out of a flower pot tray (the shallow dish that a flower pot sits in) and is cheaply available from any garden centre.

The communications device, in the foreground, looks like it's been custom built out of, amongst other things, at least two Hammerhead Ion Cannons (placed as if they are shooting "upwards").

The Gun Sentry appears to simply be a Forge World Tau Sentry Turret, as TheGraveMind already mentioned. You can see those at the following link:

At WW, they also have buildings made out of hamster balls; you simply split the hamster ball in two, cover the holes (on the sphere's surface) with plasticard or something similar from the inside, so as to keep the surface detail, then glue the open part to a base of some kind giving you dome-shaped buildings.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Folks,
Thanks for pointing out that the turret is Forge World! (TheGraveMind; Masked Thespian)

Looking at the image again, it certain does look like the comm array is a collection of tau armaments (TheGraveMind; Masked Thespian).

@Mags: completely agree!

@Masked Thespian: A flower pot tray seems spot on in hindsight. Very cunning. I might have to borrow that hamster ball idea -- ingenious.

@DuendE: already following your blog :)

@Spifferson: some local hardware stores sell interesting odds and ends (particularly bed ends) that can be put to nefarious uses.

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