Saturday, March 12, 2011

Painted Death Guard Infantryman

This fellow was assembled a little while ago with a bayonet attachment to the bolter, to give a feeling of the older Rogue Trader era marines (and also inspire by the then recently released Forge World Mk.III attachments.

I followed my regular approach to plague marines -- splotches of greens, browns and leathery colours, highlighted in bleached bone with a red bolter frame and rusted attachments.  In particular, I'm especially pleased with the rusted appearance that has been achieved on the bayonet attachment.  This was created by using a black undercoat followed by a drybrush of boltgun metal.  This was over-painted with snakebite leather and drybrushed with bronze mixed with a tint of yellow.  Nicely aged and certainly Nurglesque!

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