Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dornian Heresy: Blood Angels

In the alternative Universe Dornian Heresy published by Bolter and Chainsword, the Blood Angels are the chosen of Nurgle.  But they have not totally succumbed to Nurgle.  Rather, they are cursed by the chaos god and must seek fresh body parts and blood to replace those afflicted by Nurgle's phage.  In doing so, they spread Nurgle's diseases along the way and serve his purpose regardless.

To realize this image of the corrupt and mutated blood angels, I've used a resin torso and shoulder from the Forge World plague marine conversion set.  For the helmet, I've clipped off the spike on the top and filed it down, but otherwise, no other special work was undertaken.

For the other body parts, I've used standard space marine bits.  To make them feel more Nurgle-like, I've applied damage across them (see the left shoulder for instance which is drilled to resemble having taken bolter fire).

Painting consisted of a standard Blood Angels pattern, but with liberal amounts of Devlan Mud washing, combined with green Nurgle-like emissions from various parts of the armour.  The helmet is intended to be an assault marine pattern.  The usual iconography has been replaced with a triple blood drop -- mixing the typical blood angels and Nurgle tripartite icons together.   


Tristan said...

He looks brilliant mate, I love his helmet. Are you planning to do a whole marine army like this or was it just something different to paint?

jabberjabber said...

Thanks Tristan! The marine started off as something different to have a go at, and followed up my Dornian Heresy Iron Hands marine that I did a while ago. I'm not sure I'll do a whole army, but a kill zone team might be tempting...!

Max said...

Nice- I've debated starting an Alt-Heresy army before, and Blood Angels make perfect sense now with all of their FNP all over the place. Well done!

Crosser Modelling said...

Superb mini mate. Love the Alt Heresy Idea its such a shame it would require such investment to do a whole themed army... maybe one day!

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