Sunday, March 6, 2011

Assembling Abaddon the Despoiler - I: The Arms.

Many folks tend to use a proxy for Abaddon, typically building him from the chaos terminator lord and associated parts / bits, perhaps using some of the metal components from the blister pack.  My intent is to do the same, motivated by the desire to have a suitibly intimidating looking commander for my Sons of Malice marines.

To create the conversion, we need to use the metal bits from Abaddon and attach them to suitible upper arm substitutes.  The simplest way of getting these is to carve up either a plastic chaos lord, or a terminator.  I chose to use the upper arms of the bits I don't tend to use: e.g. the mutated tentacle arm.  I intend to pin the upper and lower sections of the arms together and then glue the plastic upper arms on to a plastic choas lord body.

The head of Abaddon is a problem though.  As pictured (lower left), the hair piece / top knot extends for a long way up and the head is not fantastically proportioned in relation to the standard terminator.  I'll look at how I worked around this problem in the next post.


Phil said...

Curious to see how this progresses, my old-school Abaddon is stock out of the blister, and he looks less dynamic and intimidating than the rest of my Terminator-based miniatures.

Da_Sub said...

if it helps you can find mine here.

this project should be interesting.

jabberjabber said...

Thanks Da_Sub!

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