Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gargoyle Headed Backpack

This is a simple and easy conversion that I know many chaos players like to make.  Perhaps it is so obvious that it doesn't need posting, but I probably wouldn't have thought of it when I was a newbie to the hobby. 

Ingredients: one marine backpack (chaos or loyalist) and two gargoyle heads from the chaos tank sprue.

Method: chop off the exhaust vents from the backpack and ensure that the remains are filed down to a flat-ish surface (likewise for the back of the gargoyle heads).  Then simply glue the heads on to where the vents where previously located.  [The image shows a plague marine with a gargoyle headed backpack].

A simple, easy and effective way to create variety in your squads.  (Note that some loyalist chapters come with similar designs for free -- see the space wolves marine sprue for instance).


Tristan said...

Love it! I have similar backpacks built for my salamanders using old saurus heads from the 4th edition box. :)

Phil said...

I've had my Chaos army for a while and never thought of that.

I've used the small exhaust gargoyle heads to convert loyalist missile launchers, but I'll definitely be using this idea when I build up some Noise Marines coming up. Thanks.

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