Monday, March 7, 2011

Assembling Abaddon the Despoiler - II: Final Conversion.

In converting Abaddon using a plastic chaos lord body, the head is a problem: not only does it feel like it is incorrectly proportioned, but it also extends very high with the top knot.  To alleviate this, I've leaned the body of the terminator slightly and had the head protrude over the edge of the upper torso -- giving the impression that the big guy is leaning forward in his armour.  With a little bit of milliput to fill in and raise the head in the head alcove of the armour, the effect is completed.

The other metal parts have been pinned to the upper arms and elbows of other terminator bits.  The body is a standard plastic chaos lord body, with a chain mail tabard hanging from the groin, much like the original metal body of Abaddon.

The base is standard for the chaos terminator lord, and I've added a couple of smaller protrusions scattered around the base for added detail.  I'll eventually add a bit of static grass and grit as well.  Am looking forward to painting this one up in a little while.


Adam said...

Looks awesome :)

Anton said...

looks superb, very nice ;)

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