Saturday, May 7, 2016

Titan Hip Piston Extension

One of the problems that I had with finishing off the connection between the torso of my Warhound titan and its legs was the hip pistons.

I think I might have inadvertently pivoted the legs a little bit too far back at the hips. The downside is that the hip piston (pictured in the centre of the image) did not have enough length to connect to the ball and socket style joint that it was meant to.

It took a while for the solution to dawn on me. But it was really simple in the end. At the rear of the titan, I had to cut short the hip pistons to make them fit as they were very compressed in comparison to the front. I literally took one of these off-cuts and pinned it used a paper clip to the main extensible part of the piston at the front. Voila - an extended hip piston. I think the job is very reasonable and the join hardly shows at all on the final assembly.

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