Wednesday, May 4, 2016


This is one of those models that has been hanging around in my collection for a very long while in a half-assembled state. I finally managed to get this Heldrake finished off this week and thought I'd quickly post an image of it.

I've not done any real conversion work here, but I did pin the wings on to the main torso of the beast for added structural stability. I think if I were to make one again (which I certainly might!) I'll be undertaking some serious conversion work on it and try to (somehow) magnetise the main weapon so that I can interchange them. This one has been built with the bale flamer. 

Given what we've seen come out of Forge World open days, I'm also wondering what the Heldrake might have looked like back in 30k (given that we've seen what the blight drone looks like in 30k). Not sure yet to be honest.

The main reason I got this one completed was to loan it to one of my gaming friends for the upcoming narrative planetary empires campaign we're going to be running very soon. I'll be playing my Alpha Legion, and he's going to be playing 40k chaos space marines with daemon allies. Probably a focus on Khorne as well. The other players are likely to be eldar and Space Wolves, although that remains to be seen. I think my mate will like what the Heldrake can do on the battlefield against these armies! There won't be time to paint it before the tournament sadly, but I'm certainly thinking that it might be Khorne like colours (reds, blacks, brass) that I use for it. 

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