Friday, May 6, 2016

The Titan Grows!

The Warhound Titan has grown overnight! With the torso complete, the next most natural step was to attach it to the legs. Drilling a hole through the hips, I used the scoring technique to ensure a good bond with the hips and legs (the ball and socket style joint) and attached the legs. This step was actually relatively easy and quick to do. 

What was hard was to judge the angle at which to attach the legs at so that they remained flat (or at their intended angle) with the ground. The photograph shows the end result of this with the Titan now fully standing and supporting its own substantial weight on the legs. 

I'm very excited to have reached this stage(*) and the next few steps will involve completing the head I think. I'll then attach the armoured legs and top plate. 

One thing that I'm worried about is painting it. Should I paint the legs prior to attaching the shin guards for instance? Any thoughts on that would be appreciated. 

(*)So excited that I showed it off to my partner who immediately responded "Oh, so that's what it is then! Its one of those Star Wars walkers!" …


The GunGrave said...

YES!! Make sure you keep as much as the armour panels separate as you can, then paint them individually and attach after. Life will be much easier for you then

extremedoc1 said...

Agree with gun paint the armour panels separately. In other news it currently looks like a certain star wars walker!



jabberjabber said...

Cheers guys -- much appreciated for the advice!

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