Sunday, May 8, 2016

Alpha Legion Colours commenced on Storm Eagle

Following my earlier recipe for Alpha Legion metallic blue, I've now reached the stage of base coating my Storm Eagle. Given the recent "heat wave" (I use the term loosely), I thought an outdoor photograph would do justice to the spray painting from the air gun much more than indoor lights. 

As can be seen, the spray painting is not 100% even (due to the silver layer as well as the gunmetal blue layer), but that is to my liking at this stage. I will apply a little bit more layering on individual metal plates in the next round of painting with a wash to give the craft a bit more of a gradient on each panel. This will then be followed with some iconography and general highlighting plus battle damage. 

In the mean time, I hope that the image shows how successful a gun metal blue colour scheme can work for the Alpha Legion. Its not nearly as "bright" as the metallic blue that Forge World uses in their promotion shots for the Alpha Legion, but I much prefer this scheme as its a lot more grim and dark (plus foreboding and striking) than the cleaner bright blue. 

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