Sunday, May 15, 2016

Alpha Legion 30k Army List: 1850 points Dynat + Orbital Assault


This post follows on from my earlier thoughts about how to potentially utilise Dynat with Coils of the Hydra. Fundamentally, the Alpha Legion is so very flexible that we can build many rites of war from them and not really suffer too many draw backs. Although the Raven Guard may pull off the Orbital Assault better than the Alpha Legion thanks to their legion special rules, Dynat is what gives the Alpha Legion the edge (potentially) in this style of play.

List Building.
The fundamental idea behind this list is to hem-in the enemy using the drop pods inside their own deployment zone. This will enable Dynat's special rules to come to the fore and harrow the enemy to death where they stand. To pull it off though, it necessitates an enemy who themselves is not using something like Orbital Assault or lots of infiltrators. In that case (or the mirror match), it is either vital to force the enemy to deploy in their own zone, or to force them to go second. Neither is impossible, but against a Raven Guard drop pod army, this one might struggle. But at least it has an edge on static gun line armies, and on none-drop pod ones.

It is also important to note here that all units must have deep strike. It doesn't necessitate that every unit must enter play via deep strike, only that every unit must have access to it. Hence I want some units that could potentially be deployed in a traditional manner to ensure that I'm not wiped off the board with lots of units still in reserve.

Here's the list.

* Armillus Dynat, power dagger (205 points)

* Assault squad with 10 members, 2 plasma pistols, sergeant with thunder hammer, plasma pistol, melta bombs, power dagger and artificer armour (335 points)

* Tactical squad with 20 members, vexilla, sergeant with power fist, power dagger and artificer armour (290 points)
* Tactical Support squad with 7 members, melta guns, sergeant with power fist, power dagger and artificer armour (250 points), Drop Pod (35 points)

* Legion Contemptor with 1 close combat weapon, 1 multi-melta (175 points), Dreadclaw Drop Pod (85 points)

Fast Attack:
* Storm Eagle with lascannons (250 points)

Heavy Support:
* Heavy Support squad, 5 Multi Meltas (185 points), Drop Pod (35 points)

This is a list that has some flexibility build in. There are 3 drop pods, meaning any two of them can be selected as first wave. Its not a list that is going to be blow off the board on the first turn either. It has durability. Dynat goes with the support squad in their drop pod and provides a bonus to BS when they land. Hopefully they'll blow up something valuable. The other drop pod will be the contemptor if some close combat back up is needed for handling terminators, or the heavy support squad for more vehicular damage.

The big troop blob goes inside the storm eagle whilst the assault squad moves up the board as required in a flexible role. There are plenty of power armoured bodies here (42) with armour and dreadnoughts for back up.

In terms of the Alpha Legion special rules, this is one to use with either Tank Hunters (preferred), or with Adamantium Will (as required given the situation). Its not a traditional Alpha Legion infantry force that infiltrates: instead it is a rapid moving and hemming-in force to harrow and destroy in force the enemy one component at a time with unassailable force. 

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