Sunday, March 19, 2017

Horus Heresy Review: The Wolf-kin of Russ

Huge. Wolves. Big huge wolves. Wolves the size you've not seen before loping around after Russ or sleeping at his feet and loyal to his commands. They also have names: Freki and Geri -- in line with the very old fluff thankfully.

These two wolves have a good stat line that enables them to regularly win in close combat against space marines.

Further, they can "Look Out Sir" for Leman Russ, which provides him with effectively a large pool of ablative wounds. For this reason alone, the wolf-kin come highly recommended.

Both come with rending, but only Geri gets precision strikes, and only Freki is a Crusader.

Their saving throw is only 5+. This is offset by the fact that they have 4 wounds each and also have feel no pain. Hence for the price tag, this is an 8 wound unit and therefore is priced reasonably. They need to beware of being shot before they reach close combat realistically. Secondly, some thought is needed in how they and Russ will reach close combat since they are very bulky.

Take them if you have the points cost available and are running Russ. Then think about how to get in combat. And then don't cry too much if they sacrifice themselves for Russ.

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