Monday, March 13, 2017

Horus Heresy Review: Geigor Fell-Hand

For some reason, I have this strong desire and tendency to want to call this character Gregor, or something similar. With another "r" in it. That might be just me. It rolls off my tongue easier than pronouncing Geigor.

Anyway, Geigor felt that the loss of his pack during the Great Crusade was caused by the Thousand Sons with whom he was crusading at the time. He held it against them and was accordingly unleashed upon Prospero for a spot of revenge.

Geigor is a straight forward Thegn with an almost praetor like statistic line.

He has "Warrior's Mettle" and therefore can safely be plugged in to a Grey Slayer Pack unlike almost any other HQ selection. This is neat.

The Crown Breaker warlord trait is okay -- feel no pain in challenges is certainly advantageous.

Finally, he has a master crafted frost claw that shreds things very well. And this is where he gains his famous name from.

He's a bit bland otherwise and only has a 3+ power armour saving throw.

Geigor is a fluffy choice for the battle of Prospero. He also slots in very nicely with Grey Slayer packs and should be used in that manner. I would only think of using him in low points games as the HQ otherwise (say 1500 points or under). I think even a generic praetor would be better due to customisability unless you are desperate for an HQ to have Warrior's Mettle.


Nogle said...

Maybe mispronouncation is you are confusing him with "the hound"

jabberjabber said...

…you know, I think you're on to something there :-)

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