Monday, March 6, 2017

Horus Heresy Review: Deathsworn Pack

The Deathsworn are like a dirty little secret at the heart of the Space Wolves legion. They are the ones who are closer to becoming the Wolfen than anyone suspects. But the Wolfen lie in the future for this legion. The Deathsworn are those who succumb to the general bloodlust and the lure of the `death wolf', descending in to savage fury from which there is little coming back. World Eaters, eat your heart out.

The Deathsworn all come with artificer armour, which gives them a very nice (And needed) saving throw. However, what really stands out about these marines are their unique equipment and special rules.

They come with `Yimira' class stasis bombs as standard. These are blast grenades with all of pinning, gets hot, and flesh bane at a 2+ level. This is frankly insane and there's nothing like it anywhere else in the game. On top of this, the marines can also take melta bombs and rad grenades, should the fancy take you.

More than this, they will always get to hit in close combat (and be fearless) so long as there're still some of them left. Explicitly, if they die, they will still strike at the final initiative step. This is very strong and begs for them to be used in close quarter fighting as much as possible.

Other than them being still space marines, their Ld is only 8 and therefore they are vulnerable to massed firepower outside of combat. Try not to line them up against a melta or plasma support squad as they will wilt. Think of them like a destroyer squad and you'll probably be fine.

A few builds here to consider which I'll provide just a couple of examples of.

5 Deathsworn (175 points).
A small distraction style squad for getting the opponent to notice something is going to hurt them.

9 Deathsworn, rad grenades, 1 thunder hammer (315 points).
To be taken with a speaker of the dead and some kind of land raider transport of your choice. Unload and unload the grenades and follow up with an assault whilst their toughness is compromised. Take frost weapons to taste.

Overall, they are an elite assault unit with access to unique pieces of kit and can potentially be paired up with a speaker of the dead to be used to kill things or be a general distraction and nuisance. Treat them accordingly and they will do very well in all likelihood.

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