Saturday, March 4, 2017

Spotted: New Missing Legion Information in Inferno?

Slowly reading through the background material in Inferno, I came across this passage in the early history description of the Space Wolves.

The passage is interesting from a number of different facets. First, the Imperial was under existential threat very early in the initial portion of the Great Crusade. This was against the Rangdan, in a series of conflicts that would become known as the Rangdan Xenocides. Featuring losses that would not be seen again until the Heresy, the passage indicates that:

"...entire Space Marine Legions [REDACTED SECTION] lost to the Imperium…".

Now of course, the redacted section might just be "aspirants", or "companies", but there's no apostrophe here. Hence it is more likely that the redacted section would be along the lines "...including the primarch, XXX, were…".

Hence, are we seeing a huge clue as to the fate of one of the missing legions? Could it be that Legio II or XI were lost in the Rangdan Xenocides? From this passage, it looks somewhat likely by my reading of it!


jabberjabber said...

Or here's a more heretical thought: II or XI sided with the xenos!

Zzzzzz said...

I did have a little chuckle at you having to wait one more day to get your hands on it. I arrived on No2 Daughter's birthday and was delivered to neighbour. So I left it there, because all parcels that day were hers.

I saw that legion destroyed and all other information is redacted bit and thought the same as you, that it was an oblique reference to 2nd or 11th.

But I do like your heretical thought.

Noodles said...

I like the hint left there, whilst still keeping it open.
Were they destroyed by the Rangdan? Did they side with them? We're they infected by then and needed to be sanctioned by the wolves?
Cool stuff.

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