Monday, February 20, 2017

Warhammer World: The Pilgrym

"A being of supreme psychic might, yet still but an infant, the Pilgrym has been brought to the soil of Terra by Lorde Castor Marguardt. This mysterious power could prove instrumental in the plots of those who scheme on the soil of Terra, from strange gutter-cults to factions of the Inquisition possessed of the seemingly incredible belief that they might use the Pilgrym to unshackle the God-Emperor from his Golden Throne."

"A seven month `collaborative storytelling game' undertaken by friend from around this world, this display features an array of amazingly detailed models, and incredible gaming board, influenced by the evocative artwork of John Blanche.

The board is in two parts -- the processional steps and the Imperial Shrine created by Mikael Silvanto and the Botanicarium built by Stefan Darlan Boris and Rune Nielsen."

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